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Most Popular Courses

Available face to face in 2021, or online


These are some of the most popular courses I provide. If you don’t see the course you want, or if you would prefer something bespoke, please ask. If what you require is not my area of expertise, I will put you in touch with someone who may be able to help you. 

You can book a course exclusively for you and your team, or you can host an event in your school, and spread the cost by inviting other delegates.

If you'd prefer online training, please get in touch and we can discuss whether I can provide an online version for you.


“I think it’s good, but…”  A course designed for subject leaders, middle and senior leaders who do not have EYFS experience. This course will give you the confidence to understand best practice, so that you can provide effective support and challenge for staff in EYFS. This course can be designed with a specific subject area in mind or with a general overview of the curriculum.


Understanding the Principles of Best Practice in Early Years . This course explores the four overarching principles of the EYFS and what these might look like in day to day practice.


Developing a broad, rich and meaningful curriculum in the EYFS. This course explores the key principles of curriculum design. Delegates will be given time and support to begin to plan an effective curriculum which meets the needs of the children in their care.


Effective subject leadership. Whether you’re an expert leader with a degree in your subject or a brand new subject leader who has been given the role because nobody was doing it, you will want to be the most effective leader possible. This course explores the principles of effective subject leadership and will give leaders, whatever their experience, the confidence to articulate their impact on curriculum development and outcomes for children throughout the school. Can be run as a half day course or a full day with time to develop an action plan.


The new Early Learning Goals and changes to the EYFS curriculum. This course gives leaders and practitioners a chance to explore the changes which become statutory in 2021, to explore the goals and the educational programmes which underpin them, and to plan for effective practice in teaching, learning and assessment.


Effective assessment in the EYFS. This course will explore the underlying principles of assessment and documentation of children’s work. Teachers and leaders will be challenged to review their practice and consider how it can be refined and improved to ensure that assessment has the maximum impact without increasing workload.


Writing a high quality SEF and School Improvement Plan. This course is designed to support leaders with school improvement planning and self- evaluation. Samples of effective plans and SEFs will be shared and the principles of best practice explored. Delegates will be supported to begin the process of writing their SEF and School Improvement Plan.


Transition, planning for change in an uncertain world. Research has shown that transitions can have a major impact on children’s wellbeing and outcomes. When planned effectively they can be a positive experience. This course will explore the principles of best practice and delegates will leave with a clear plan of action to implement in their school or setting.


Let’s go outside! The importance of being outdoors for young children has been well documented. This course will support leaders and teachers to reflect on their own practice and develop an understanding of the underpinning research and principles of outdoor learning. Delegates will be supported to develop a plan for outdoor learning which they can take back to their school or setting to implement.


It’s good to talk. The impact of children’s early language development can not be underestimated. Research has shown that children’s language and communication skills underpin all other areas of learning. This course explores the importance of developing high quality talk in Early Years and the Primary classroom and gives delegates practical ideas to support this important area of children’s development.


I like to move it!  Young children’s physical development impacts on all other areas of learning, in this course delegates will explore the research into the links between the physical and cognitive and consider how best to use this knowledge to develop movement friendly learning spaces.

Write from the start : Anyone who has ever worked with young children will know how challenging it is to teach them to write. This course explores the multiple elements of writing, and will support teachers and leaders to reflect on their current practice and ensure that they are providing the  high quality, meaningful writing experiences which young children need to become confident writers.


Enabling Environments to support children’s learning. This course explores the key principles of an enabling environment and will support teachers to develop their understanding of the way this can impact on young children’s learning. Delegates will be provided with audit tools to support their own environmental reviews and will leave with a wealth of ideas to improve their learning environment.


Role play, why it matters, how to do it well. This course will explore the importance of role play in young children’s learning and support practitioners to understand how to provide effective opportunities to stimulate children’s interests.

Social and Emotional Development for young children. This course will provide teachers with a clear understanding of the importance of relationships, well being and self-regulation in young children, and will explore a range of practical ideas to support young children’s social and emotional learning.

Termly Updates

With so much information coming into schools from the DFE, Ofsted, RSCs and STA it can be difficult to keep up to date. This hour and a half long update will keep you up to speed with all the latest information needed for headteachers and EY leaders in primary schools. Links to key guidance are included in the handouts.  3 sessions per academic year.